Kitesurf Courses Are you ready for action?!

The wind conditions in El Medano are fantastic for kitesurfing. The possibility of wind is more than 55% during each month of the year, with the exception of September and October (being a little less).

The wind is strongest is July and August. These are also the warmest months, however the temperature here is very pleasant throughout the year.


Teaching System

  • kite 01

    Day 1. For the first few hours we practice on the beach with learner kites. We will teach you safety rules as well as how to launch and land the kite. Once you are able to operate and control the bar, we will progress to teaching you with conventional kites. We always use current year equipment and change the length of the lines according to your progress.

  • Day 2. You are now ready to practice the body drag in the water with your instructor. With the use of walkie talkies we will take you up wind to practice.

  • Day 3. Today we will practice the waterstart. Our teaching method will have you up on the board safely and quickly, so you can have fun from the start. By the end of the 9 hour course, you will have sufficient knowledge and skill to kiteboard on your own and develop your skills.


ALL PRICES ARE PER PERSON * Ask for special price for residents


Complete course 9 hours, one coach per student

DAY 1: KITE CONTROL (3 hrs) – 125 €
DAY 2: BODYDRAG (3 hrs) – 125 €
DAY 3: WATERSTART (3 hrs) – 125 €
EXTRA HOURS (2 hrs) – 95 €


Complete course 9 hours, 2 students with a coach

DAY 1: KITE CONTROL (3 hrs) – 90 €
DAY 2: BODYDRAG (3 hrs) – 90 €
DAY 3: WATERSTART (3 hrs) – 90 €
EXTRA HOURS (2 hrs) – 70 €

Complete course 9 hours, 3 or 4 students with a coach

DAY 1: KITE CONTROL (3 hrs) – 70 €
DAY 2: BODYDRAG (3 hrs) – 70 €
DAY 3: WATERSTART (3 hrs) – 70 €
EXTRA HOURS (2 hrs) – 70 €


Kite baptism 2 hrs
Individual – only 70 €
For 2 students  – 60 € c/u
For 3 students – 50€ c/u
For 4 students – 40€ c/u

If you still do not know if you want to do the full course of kitesurfing, you will be able to take a first contact in the world of kitesurf with this offer, discovering the material the spot and driving a small kite.

THE WIND We are able to carry out our classes safely in wind ranges between 10 to 30 knots.

The wind is almost always from NE but ocassionally the direction is from the SW. We have a wide range of kites which enable us to teach safely across this wind range. In the bay of Medano with onshore NE winds, you will always be protected. We check the wind statistics by looking at the forecasts by Windfinder or

Thanks to the equipment we use and the experience of our instructors, you will have a safe learning experience.
  • Instructors Qualifications

    “Our instructors are IKO, FEV and VDWS certified. They speak English, German, Italian and Spanish so that you can receive instructions in your language.”

  • Kites

    “We pride ourselves in having first class reliable modern equipment for you to use. Our huge selection of kites ensures you always have the correct size kite for the conditions on the day!!For your first introduction to land based kite flying we use Flysurfer Viron kites. We then progress on to Cabrinha Switchblade kites. ”

  • Kite Lines

    “We will gradually increase the length of the lines of the kite bar. This will enable you to have more control and safety at the beginning and more power when you are ready.”

  • Safety Equipment

    “All equipment you need is included in the course price, flotation vests, wetsuits, helemts, harness and leash.”